NGOs and Shelter

NGOs and Shelter

This package containing loose-leaf 15 case studies, 4 feature articles and 6 country overviews of shelter activities in the African region.


15 Case Studies

  1. Bairro upgrading in Luanda Musseques, Development Workshop Angola.
  2. The Botswana Brigades
  3. Tswelelopele Brigades Center, Botswana.
  4. Gumah Town Development Committee, Tamale, Ghana.
  5. Mjini Self-help Efforts, Bungoma, Kenya.
  6. National Council of Churches of Kenya, Mji wa Huruma Resettlement Scheme.
  7. Thika Municipal Council Housing Cooperative Kenya.
  8. Undugu Society Squatter Upgrading in Nairobi, Kenya.
  9. Christain service committee Project, South Lunzu, Malawi.
  10. Latrine Construction Cooperative, Mozambque.
  11. Messica construction Cooperative, Mozambique.
  12. Housing Activities of Awolowo Cooperative and Credit InvestmentUnion, Nigeria.
  13. Christain Council of Tanzania Housing Cooperative in Dodoma.
  14. Hlekwini Friends Rural Service Center, Zimbabwe.
  15. Zimbabwe Project Trust: Assistance to Collective Activities.

4 Feature Articles

  1. Building Shelter and Services. What NGos can do.
  2. The policy Environment of Homelessness
  3. Services Needed by the Homeless.
  4. The Relationships Between Governments and NGOs Working on Homeless.

6 Overviews of NGOs Shelter Activities in:

Botswana, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania and zimbabwe.

Plan of Action for NGOs in English and Portugease Speaking Africa