Past Projects

MUFPP Nairobi pilot project

Adding a Gender Lens to the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact Monitoring Framework

Women Land and Homes Project

Incidences of Infrastructure Development that Disposess and Displace People: Baseline assessment of women’s wealth, wellbeing and habitat

Agrifose2030 Project


The network explores interventions about understanding and resolving problematic situations in urban, metropolitan and rural settlements,comprising cities, towns and villages.

The network is open to individuals, groups and institutions promoting inclusive, just and sustainable human settlements.

Mazingira Institute operates the network, established in 1982.

Operation Firimbi

An advocacy and blow the whistle campaign initiative. It is for just land reform and
against land grabbing and corruption in Kenya.


A multi-sectoral platform and network initiative. It supports integration of knowledge and practice
to advance food and nutrition security and sustainable food system and urban agriculture.