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Women and Development A Kenya Guide

Author: Mazingira Institute

Published By: Mazingira Institute, Nairobi, Kenya., 1992

Type of Publication: Book

Subject: Gender

ISBN: 9966-9876-0-6

Keywords: Kenya, Women, Development, Gender, Women's Cooperatives, Kenya, NGOs, International Agencies, Women's Movements, Bilateral, Multilateral Agencies, Community Based Organizations.


Women and Development - A Kenya Guide is a basic reference to organizations working in development and gender issues. It contains information on 188 organization ranging from local women's cooperatives to international agencies, with brief descriptions of their work, how to contact them, programs for women and more. The Guide also has a special section on libraries and resource centers to help interested readers find additional information on specific 'women in development' topics. Another section looks at the women's group movement in Kenya, its history and growth, and the spirit of cooperation that has always been at the heart of the movement.

While the Guide serves as a directory, it is also much more. It offers a picture of diverse and active groups and organizations working for the advancement of women and the development of society as a whole. They include bilateral and multilateral agencies, but the vast majority are non-governemntal organizations (NGO's). Whether doing community development with rural women or health care for women and children in urban slums, the work of NGOs touches many lives. This Guide illustrates just how essential the contributions of NGO's are- to the well-being of women, their families and their communities.